Shaving Articles

Wet Shaving Articles - Articles about wet shaving which includes tips, insights and information about how to get a perfect shave.

Bristle Grade and Brush Information - There are several types of bristles and grades that affect price and performance. Includes brush care and other related information.

Anatomy of a Shaving Brush - Pictures and information about the craftsmanship and making of a shaving brush.

Bristle Styles and Additional Information - Additional information about shaving brush types and sourcing.

Information About Shaving Soaps and Creams - Article that talks about the main differences between a lather soap and cream and includes some "tips" for use.

Brush and Razor Measurements - Helpful information about what to measure or consider when purchasing a stand or holder for a shaving brush and/or a razor.

The Vicious Circle - Information about why shaving on a regular basis is a good idea. Includes helpful tips on how to get a better shave.

Metal Items, Care and Cleaning - Information about how to clean and care for metal sets, shaving brushes, razors, bowls and other related items.

Razor Types and Blade Information - Talks about the blade loading styles of the Merkur line of razors and the styles of blades over the years from the straight razor to the current five blade cartridge razor.

Whisker Study Pattern - Information about the grain of whisker growth and why it is important.

Razor Blade Angle - Photos and information about how to determine blade angle when using a DE safety razor.

Merkur Double Edge Razor Brochure - Brochure from Merkur about their double edge safety razor operation.

Futur Razor Brochure - Information and visual of the Futur brochure from Merkur

What to Consider Before Straight Razor Purchase - Talks about the types of blades, sizes and grinds for assistance in selecting a first time straight razor.

DOVO Straight Razor Use and Care - Includes razor and shaving tips for using a straight razor.

Straight Razor Strop Use and Care - A straight razor is "stropped" before each use. Contains information about the use and care of a strop.

DOVO Brochure - Brochure from DOVO about their straight razor operation.

Head Shaving with the HeadBlade® - Information about the HeadBlade® system of head shaving that provides for a fast and convenient method.

About Wet Shaving with a Brush by Em - Information about how to use a shaving brush and make warm lather for a more comfortable and close shave.

Wet Shaving for Women - Article by Em that discusses why wet shaving with a brush is beneficial for "her".


Adding Essential Oil to Unscented Shaving Cream or Glycerin Soap - Adding your own essential oils video and info to fragrance unscented shaving cream or soap is a good way to enjoy a variety of different scents that are not offered otherwise. (opens in new window)

How to Clean a Shaving Brush with Vinegar and Borax - Narrative info and video demonstration about taking care of a shaving brush and cleaning soap residue that can build up on the bristles over time. (opens in new window)

Wet Shaving Essential Concepts - Tips and overview of concepts for getting a smooth, close wet shave using a shaving brush, warm lather and your razor of choice. (opens in new window)

Overview of Merkur Adjustable - Short video clip that shows the three models of Merkur adjustable razors available. The Progress in polished chrome, the Futur in satin chrome, polished chrome or polished gold and the Vision in satin chrome.

About Head Shaving - Head shaving video link from YouTube and information for using the HeadBlade® (opens in new window)

Check out more videos on Em's ShaveInfo YouTube channel (opens in new window)


Information About Body Care and Toiletries - Overview of the Em's line of toiletries and answers some FAQ's about naturally based body care products.

Standard Classifications for ratio of perfume oils to base products - Cologne and scent ratios discussed.

Uses for Essential Oils - A table of ideas for using essential oils for aromatherapy and fragrance.

Safety Precautions and Hazards for Essential Oils - Things to know or consider when using essential oils.

Essential oils, Absolutes and Concretes - Information about the properties and origins of the essential oils stocked at Em's.

Frequently Asked Questions about naturally based body care products - About what is a "patch test" and other natural and fragrance Faq's.

Spritzer Formula and Ideas for Use - Ideas for using essential oils as a spritzer for scent or body care.

Glossary of Terms - Definitions for some of the terms used when talking about essential oil properties or uses.

Table of Weights and Measurements - Chart for US and Metric standard units of measurements.

Base Oils and Carrier Ingredients - List of ingredients that you may find in body care products and information about those ingredients.

Essential Oils versus Fragrance Oils for Scent - Information about the basic differences between essential oils and fragrance oils for scent.

Additional Ingredients - Further ingredients you may find in body care and information about them.

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