Essential Oils versus Frangrance Oils for Scent

FAQ:  What is different about pure essential oil based aromas: Synthetic scents and fragrance oils can wear differently than pure botanical aromas. Natural scents have different evaporation rates generally referred to as top, middle and base notes. This means that certain essential oils will last longer than others and top notes are the fastest to dissipate - most volatile. Citrus oils are an example of top notes. Middle notes are typically the balance of a blend and contain many of the floral essences. Base notes tend to last the longest and act as a fixative. Frankincense and Sandalwood are examples of base notes.

Essential oil blends are formulated to contain essences from the various notes to help make a synergistic and longer lasting combination. We think of pure scents like a hike or nature walk - some scents are more powerful and others more fleeting. Some aromas are noticed right away and then move aside making room for the other subtle scents to appear. Interested in additional information about what terms like top, heart and base notes mean when talking about fragrance? Visit this FAQ page.

Notice: Consult with your physician or aromatherapeutic reference for any questions regarding the use of essential oils. As with any cologne product keep away from children, fire, flame and heat.