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Assortment of wet shaving travel supplies.

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  • four piece deluxe manicure set in leather pouch

    Dovo Four Piece Deluxe Manicure Set in Brown Leather Pouch

    Four piece deluxe manicure set manufactured by Dovo in Solingen, Germany. Known for their precision quality. Features nail clipper, cuticle scissors, nail file and tweezers in brown leather pouch that snaps shut. Dovo logo included on the snap surface...

    $64.75    mndo-ms
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  • turnback style pure bristle ivory color lathe turned handle travel brush

    Turnback Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush

    Turnback style pure bristle ivory color lathe turned handle travel brush. Imported from England. Marked with "Pure Badger, Made in England". A shaving brush creates lather by using a shaving soap or cream and is warm to the skin as it raises the hair for...

    $49.50    mnv-tbp
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  • Merkur travel razor in leather pouch with blades

    Merkur Double Edge Travel Razor in Leather Pouch

    Merkur travel razor and blades in black leather pouch. Travel in style with this satin aluminum finish handle double edge razor and ten-pack of blades. Merkur logo is embossed on the lower right front. Approx. total razor length is 3 1/2" when assembled...

    $62.50    mn-trmr
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  • hard faux ivory travel shaving brush tube

    Faux Ivory Shaving Brush Travel Tube

    Hard faux ivory travel tube comes in handy for protecting your shaving brush for travel or storage. Top has tab lock closure with breather hole. Comes in two sizes. Approximate Brush Specs:~ Small tube inside diameter: 1 5/16"~ Small tube inside depth:...

    $8.95 - $10.95    mn-trtb
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  • soft leather toiletries travel bag has nylon liner

    Soft Leather Travel Toiletry Bag

    Soft leather toiletries travel bag has nylon liner, main inner compartment and zippered outer pocket. Approx. 8" wide by 5 1/2" high with 3 1/2" gusset. Ships flat.  

    $12.95    mnd-tbag
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  • headBlade branded hanging toiletry bag front

    HeadBlade Branded Hanging Toiletry Bag

    HeadBlade® branded hanging toiletry bag made from heavy nylon and black leatherette like the kind found on many backpacks. It can hang when open for added convenience. Organize you gear with this handy compact and convenient bag. Outside the bag...

    $18.95    hb-bag
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  • faceblade travel razor

    FaceBlade Travel Razor

    FaceBlade travel razor. A great light weight razor with folding blade arm for convenience when traveling. Approx. 3.5" length when closed and 6.5" length overall by approx. 1 3/4" across at the widest part. Store blade and adaptor in handle. Comes with...

    $7.95    hb-fbl
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  • Pop into shape high density acetate box comes shipped flat

    Clear Travel Box with Pop in Shape Locking Bottom

    Pop'n lock high density acetate box comes shipped flat. Simply pop into position for use. Rigid enough to make it ideal for brush storage or traveling when a container is needed to protect larger sized shaving brushes. Approx. 1 5/8" by 1 5/8" by 5 "...

    $1.95    mn-acet
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  • empty plastic travel soap dish with soap

    Plastic Soap Dish Travel Holder

    Plastic travel soap dish in choice of purple or clear frosted with friction close. Great companion to hold soap for travel. Comfortably fits soap bar that is 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" by 1 1/4" deep. Container overall is approx. 4" long by 2 3/4" wide by 1 5/8"...

    $2.65    mn-tsd
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  • toothbrush holder open

    Plastic Toothbrush Travel Holder

    Plastic toothbrush holder in choice of purple or clear frosted with small breather holdes at one end. Great companion for travel. 6 3/4" long by 1 1/8" wide by 7/8" deep.

    $1.95    mn-tbh
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  • sewing compact and mending kit for home or travel.

    Sewing Compact

    Sewing compact or mending kit for home or travel. Makes quick repairs fast and simple. Compact size fits into drawer, briefcase or luggage. Special compartments in compact hold products in place for easy access. Contains mini scissors, tweezers, needle...

    $6.95    mn-sew
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  • empty merkur double edge razor pouch

    Empty Merkur Double Edge Leather Razor Pouch

    Merkur Futur or double edge razor leather pouch. Has a snap closure. These pouches will also work for long or regular handle razor models as long as they are no longer than 4 3/4" in length.( razor not included). Approx. 7 1/2" long x 1 5/8" at the...

    $15.95    merk-pchl
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  • merkur padded leather razor pouch front

    Empty Merkur Zippered Padded Leather Pouch

    Soft leather zippered razor pouch with interior leather lining. Holds the Merkur Vision double edge razor and other razors up to 6" length. Razor heads can be inserted in either end. However, for double edge razors when including a pack of blades it is...

    $34.50    merk-zipp
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  • empty dovo straight razor tin with foam padding closed

    Empty Dovo Solingen Branded Blue Metal Straight Razor Case

    Empty blue metal Dovo Solingen branded straight razor case. Use to protect your razor for travel or storage. Make sure razor is completely dry before putting into holder. Dovo uses a light oil to coat the blade for longer term storage - especially carbon...

    $9.95    str-mcase
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  • merkur empty hard plastic double edge razor case closed

    Empty Merkur Hard Plastic Double Edge Razor Case

    Empty hard plastic case makes a good travel companion or storage container for your standard length (not long handle) Merkur razors. Includes area for package of replacement blades. For use with razors that are 3 1/2 inches in total length or less.

    $7.95    merk-pb
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