The Vicious Circle

~ Do you wait for several days or longer to shave because it is so irritating, or you hate it so much, that it becomes a daunting task? Our philosophy is that when you don't shave daily, that could actually be one of the reasons for such an awful and irritating experience.

Major causes of a bad shave:   ~ Whiskers not softened enough   ~ Shaving against the grain   ~ Too much pressure with the razor   ~ Waiting too long between shaves  ~ Not using the right razor for the job

What is the vicious circle? Overgrown whiskers, hacking through the stubble and getting razor burn or irritation, delaying the next shave for several days or more due to the bad shave, and then starting the cycle all over again.

The Viscious Circle of Shaving


 Shaving and the vicious circle - how to stop the rut...

 ~ While some men can wait for a number of days before each shave and still get a close, comfortable shave, a lot depends upon how fast their hair grows, how thick the beard and/or how coarse the hairs.

On the other hand, many others will fall into this irritating cycle and think shaving in general is just plain awful. If you are one of the many men who are in this vicious circle, review the details on this page and our other shaving related informational links.

In addition, think about incorporating the use of a shaving brush to create warm lather. We hope some of the ideas or thoughts presented will help you to start enjoying the shaving process and help you to achieve a smoother shave and achieve healthier looking skin.


~ Shaving hair that has grown too long can make it more irritating, or be the cause for a higher incident of shaving bumps. This is because longer whiskers can cause the hairs to pull more than slice and clog the razor faster - which can be even more of a problem with a multi-blade cartridge. In addition, the longer the whiskers become the more difficult it is to adequately soften the whiskers. Therefore the blade edge of the razor doesn't cut as smoothly or cleanly. Further, the extra length may cause someone to apply more pressure in order to tackle the added growth.

The longer the stubble, the harder it is for a multi-blade cartridge razor to cut through the whiskers without tugging. In addition, the more blades in the cartridge the more likely the blade/s are to simply ski over the whiskers and not really cut much of anything - unless only a day or two of growth. If you simply can't, or don't want to, shave on a regular basis then shaving with a double edge (DE) safety razor will really make a difference. The single blade edge of a DE will cut the longer hairs and provide for an easier shave. There is a learning curve to using a DE but you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

By using better techniques, the right razor for the job, and incorporating a shaving brush and warm lather into your routine, the chore of shaving can actually become enjoyable! Especially if shaving more often to get out of this vicious circle.

If this sounds like your situation, get out of the cycle! Read the articles that go into more detail about good techniques.


Yes, shaving can be fun and smell good. Do it more often or daily for smooth, clean skin that looks healthy and irritation free.

Get out of the rut! Shaving every day or at least every other day can be fun, fast and easy.