Wet Shaving for Women

Why let men have all the fun? Yes wet shaving with a brush and quality lather can enhance the comfort and enjoyment of the male shaving experience, but did you know that lathering with a brush can be just as functional and fun for a woman.

Overview: Shaving with an electric razor can be especially uncomfortable for certain parts like under the arms, upper thighs or intimate areas. In addition, electric razor heads can dull over time making it even more difficult to get a good or non-irritating shave. And the older you are, the more sensitive to shaving those particular areas can become. On the other hand, wet shaving with canned foam or non-lathering shaving gel can go on cold and are often filled with harsh ingredients. If you are looking for an alternative or already wet shave with water and some form of soap or cream then shaving with a brush and quality lather my be right for you. The same reasons men like this style of shaving also applies to women, only females have more area to take care of.



Main reasons women would benefit from traditional wet shaving:

Why use a shaving brush? Because it stirs up a warm lather which can coat a large area in a hurry. Then you can sit the brush on the counter or shower shelf, and simply pick it up and apply more lather as needed. Many brush styles, especially upper end ones, hold a lot of lather for several applications. Because women have more body mass to shave, we recommend using the badger grade bristle. This is because boar doesn't spread and apply lather for female needs as effectively, or as luxuriously, as badger.

It feels good...The massaging action of the brush over your skin is very sensual and simply feels good. And when you run the razor along the shaving area the hair cuts cleanly and smoothly.

Society likes to equate pink and other certain colors as specific to women, however we have many brush handles and styles that would also appeal to the fairer sex. Em's Place is fond of wood, however since many women shave in the shower extra care needs to be taken to dry a wood or metal handle off between use - and shake out excess water. A synthetic handle would be the most care-free but sometimes not as exciting in the looks department. Brush selection primarily depends on personal taste, care and budget.

Why use quality lather products? Because they produce a nice, rich and lubricating lather for shaving and smell good. Lather material comes in many different fragrances. While the primary wet shaving market is geared toward men, there are many aromas available that also appeal to women. For example, in Em’s brand natural essential oil scents the Pure Lavender, Lime Citrus, Strengthening and yes, even Bay Rum are all on the top for female appeal. There are many kinds of lather brands on the market, just be sure they are formulated for using with a brush because many creams and gels don't produce a lather.

What about the razor? Any razor of your choice works for wet shaving. So you don’t need to go out and get a new razor, or a shaving set, unless of course you want to. Many men get wet shaving supplies from women for holidays and special occasions, so why not the other way around?

As a female and owner of Em’s Place, Inc., it only seems right that I bring up the fact that traditional wet shaving is for us too! While the web site is geared toward men, I wanted to share my personal story in hopes that some women can relate, or may be looking for ideas about other shaving and body care alternatives.

Here is my personal story: I actually started shaving with an electric razor. The kind that included the single row trimmer/cutter that would pop up on the side of the razor's handle. I basically used that part for all my shaving needs as I could never get the main head – the top part, to shave very well. The only problem is that the cutters would get dull, and I would end up buying a new razor because locating just a new cutter part proved impossible or very costly. I would supplement at times with a blade razor and can of aerosol foam, or mass-market bar soap, and didn’t like that very well either. Especially, the foam was cold and lifeless. And when I used off-the-shelf soap it wasn't lubricating and didn't smell all that great. All I can say is those products shaved the hair off, but wasn’t anything I enjoyed. I shaved this way for the better part of my life until over twenty years ago when I started to get into the Em’s Place wet shaving business for men.

Since I personally use, or market test, the products we sell, I discovered real quick how much more I enjoy shaving when using a brush, and in my case, mostly the Em's glycerin shaving soaps with a TracII® cartridge razor. Sometimes I will use the botanical bath soaps, but the lather created from those don't last as long. Both, however, provide a nice lubricating shave and smell really good. Plus you can use either kind of soap to wash your face and body, thereby making body care simple and skin friendly. And with the high proportion of natural ingredients, I can feel good about what I am putting on my skin. While I won’t say exactly how old I am, I confess that I'm part of the baby-boomer generation. Products that don’t strip natural oils and provide wholesome ingredients seem to help – and factor in that I have dry, sensitive skin.

Post washing or shaving includes an after shave and body splash for fun or a lotion or cream for my dry skin when I need more moisture. So yes, I not only sell these products but also use them. Or I suppose you could say I use these products and that’s why I sell them.

Finding products that didn’t cause a problem with my sensitive skin was difficult. I had to use unscented mass-market products, and even then I would get break outs and irritation. Since using our Em's brand toiletries, I can enjoy scents again and don’t have skin issues like before. I will never really know why I can use our brand of skin care formulas after having so many problems in the past with off-the-shelf items. I suspect it may have been the synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances or other extenders, binders and harsh ingredients. Or possibly the larger percentage or variety of preservatives. Most Em’s brand products are made here in Oregon, and basically contain food grade or natural preservatives. In addition, aromas are from natural essential oils and contain no artificial colorants.

In conclusion, I sound like many of the guys I talk with. Because it's true for me too when I say “ I use to hate shaving and now kind of enjoy it.” In any event, traditional wet shaving and natural high proportion body care smells great and makes my skin look good, even for an older gal like me…

You can read additional articles and information about wet shaving on other parts of this web site. While targeted for men, a lot of the the concepts and reasons also apply to women.

It's not just for him...

Please Note: While naturally based body care products are good for sensitive skin and people who have had problems with other things in the past, an individual can still have a sensitivity to an item or ingredient, even in high proportion botanical products. More info...