About Em's Body Care and Toiletries

Most of our customers are individuals looking for something different or wet shavers looking to enhance that experience with pre and post shave selections. The goal of Em's Place is to offer niche items that are an alternative to the traditional off-the-shelf products and not to compete with the standard selections available in the marketplace.

While this alternative may not be for everyone, we cater to the individual who has sensitive skin, may be looking for natural, 100% botanically derived scents or would like to use products that nourish and feed the skin with a large percentage of natural botanicals - and therefore have a shorter shelf life than mass-market products. Because of these factors there are things that you need to know or take into consideration when using our products.


Shelf life: Under normal household conditions our products have naturally derived or food grade preservatives for nine to twelve months of shelf life. Other products have all-natural preservatives for six months of shelf life. We recommend that the purchaser use these products in the shortest amount of time possible and not leave them sitting on the shelf. The maximum benefit is derived from using natural botanicals in the shortest amount of time possible. Freshness can be affected by the environment, with cooler surrounds maximizing the useful life. Like food that nourishes your insides, high proportion botanicals nourish your outsides and should be viewed in the same perishable way. Let your senses and common sense be your guide.

Let's talk scent - what is essential oil: Essential oils are derived from specific botanicals and are not synthetics. There are several methods of extraction with the steam distilled method being the most prevalent. Essential oils are a commodity and some oils are more expensive than others. This is due to a variety of factors with scarcity and amount of oil derived from the botanical being the main considerations

How come essential oil scents don't last as long, or don't seem to be as strong, as synthetic or perfume type fragrances: Synthetic scents and fragrance oils placed in manufacture grade alcohol can scent or wear differently than pure botanical aromas. Natural scents have different evaporation rates generally referred to as top, middle and base notes. This means that certain essential oils will last longer than others and top notes are the fastest to dissipate - most volatile. Citrus oils are an example of top notes. Middle notes are typically the balance of a blend and contain many of the floral essences. Base notes tend to last the longest and act as a fixative. Frankincense and Sandalwood are examples of base notes. Because we don't use alcohol or scent binders, the natural fragrance will provide a scent true to their natural aroma profile. Essential oil blends are formulated to contain essential oils from the various notes to help make a synergistic and longer lasting combination. We think of pure scents like a walk in the garden - some scents are more powerful and others more fleeting. Some aromas are noticed right away and then move aside making room for the other subtle scents to appear.

Why do you use the term "aromatherapy" so often and why should I care: The choice of essential oils used for an aroma is generally selected for an oils therapeutic and beneficial skin care properties. While Em's Place is more concerned about using oils that are reputed as good for emotional and healthy well being, we understand many consumers are more concerned about the scent. We strive to cater to the aroma side of things while maintaining our core goal about the underlying aromatherapeutic benefits these scents may provide.

An oil is an oil, isn't it?: No! While there are essential oils, carrier/fixed or base oils, fats, waxes and so forth all are different and distinctive. For example, mineral oil is tagged as an oil, however it is from the petroleum side of the spectrum. While a car gets nourished from motor oil, a person my not want to put it on their face or drink it for nourishment. Speaking from the fruit and vegetable group primarily, what is good for your insides may be good for your outsides as long as you don't have a personal sensitivity to a given ingredient. Look for vegetable oils and natural plant waxes or butters beneficial for skin care. Even among these constituents they are not all alike. Some are heavier and more moisturizing, some are richer in vitamins, some are lighter and faster penetrating and so forth.... We carry products that are rich in natural oils and ingredients that feed the skin. For information about specific ingredients visit the FAQ aromatherapy reference section.