Caring for Metal Finish Shaving Items

Metal is beautiful and long lasting when properly taken care of. Most all of the metal shaving brush handles, razors, stands, bowls and so forth on the market today are either nickel plated, chrome plated or have a gold wash over a brass core unless specified otherwise.

Metal items should be kept dry between use and cleaned of soap buildup occasionally so it doesn't start to eat away at the finish. A properly shaken brush will not drip water and a wet razor can be dried with a towel before being place in a holder if standing water is a concern.

FAQ: How do I care for my metal shaving set or shaving brush and razor handles?

Soap residue and splash can build up on metal over time. When a residue starts to show and look unsightly it is time to clean the metal to keep it from deteriorating and to maintain it in good condition. The best method we have found that cleans the metal and doesn't scratch the finish is to do the following:

~ Take an old toothbrush and some liquid dish detergent and gently wash/scrub the soap buildup from around the shaving brush handle, especially where the bristles meet the handle, and from the razor up where the blade is housed (remove blade first). In addition, use the toothbrush, sponge or cloth to wash and clean the rest of the handle/s and any other metal items, for example stands and bowls.

~ Then, and this is the most important part for metal, use some turtle wax or carnauba wax, the product used to wax paint on cars. Use a paper towel or cloth to put a dab of wax on clean, dry metal parts and wipe around, sort of like a gentle massage. Let the wax dry a little and then buff off. We find this really works well. And if the soap buildup has not started to eat into the metal at all, it will look almost as good a new. On smooth metal surfaces after you polish and buff off the excess wax nothing further needs to be done. If your surface is knurled or otherwise has groves, a quick rinse with warm water and an old toothbrush to remove any excess wax may be needed and then wipe dry.


~ We prefer either of these two products shown below for polishing metal parts. It cleans and shines without scratching the finish. Do not use any metal polish with abrasive properties on plated surfaces because that can scratch or dull the finish. When in doubt, test a small inconspicuous area first. Please note that most gold colored brass items have a thin golded wash over the brass and it is especially important not to use abrasives on the finish. The two products pictured can be found in most general purpose stores that have a car products section and in auto parts stores. They are easy to use and inexpensive to purchase. There are other products on the market that can be used, however here we are presenting what we consider the most gentle and multi-purpose method.



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