Stangen-Pasta Solingen Red and Black Solid Strop Stick Paste

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Stangen-Pasta Solingen red and black solid paste for straight razor strops keeps your blade sharp for a close shave. This two-paste set comes with two grits in solid stick form. Each paste is used for a specific purpose and on separate leather strop. Each stick is 1/2" by 1/2" by 1 1/2" long. Made in Solingen, Germany.

~ Black paste: Fine black paste is for polishing and has an approx. 1.5+/- micron particle size for refining the used blade edge back to being “shave ready” as needed. It leaves a mirror finish and intended as the final abrasive before finishing on conditioned leather (yellow paste).

~ Red paste: Coarse red paste for sharpening dull edges and has an approx. 3+/- micron particle size. This is a medium grit paste, with abrasive particles. The is used on a seperate leather strop to mildly sharpen before being used on the finer black paste strop.

Use each on a new leather strop (or strop that already has the same type of paste as a refresher) by lightly rubbing the stick on the surface like a crayon and blending in by using the the heel of your palm or smooth glass bottle side, for example. A little goes a long way and one application should be sufficient for many stropping sessions.