Straight Razor Strop Paste in Tube

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Straight razor strop paste - Strop paste in several varieties depending upon your needs. Each paste is used for a specific purpose and on separate strops.

~ Yellow band tube - A semi-transparent fat used as a conditioner on the leather side of the everyday strop. Good preparation paste for the new strop and helps to keep it soft and subtle. There are no sharpening attributes. Use on a new strop by rubbing/working in a small amount with the heel of your palm or smooth glass bottle side. Use as needed to keep strop supple.

~ Green band tube - A course particle paste for use on a very dull edge. Apply in the same method as for the yellow band paste.

~ 5 ml. (0.16 oz) Made in Germany. Note: Do not mix strop pastes on the same surface.


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