Leather and Green Paste Paddle Strop for Straight Razor Shaving with Red Wooden Handle

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Dovo paddle strop with red wooden handle comes with Russian leather on one side and green pre-pasted leather on the other side. You can use the leather side only for everyday needs, and start with the other side when sharpening action is needed depending upon how dull the blade is. Paddle strops also make a good companion for other items that need to maintain a sharp edge.

Green paste is a course particle paste for use on a very dull edge. Note: Do not mix strop pastes on the same surface. Strop is 1 5/8" wide by 7 3/4" long usable surface on each side. Total length is 13 1/4". Makes a good travel strop due to the compact size, and you don't need a hook to hang them for use. This strop is no longer in production. Streich-Riemen made in Germany.

It's a good idea to store your strop in the included cardboard box sleeve when not in use, and use the paper cover to protect the leather from the inside of the box. Condition a new leather strop (not the paste side) with the yellow band conditioner/fat paste. Refer to strop paste details and use of strop for more information.