Hanging Leather Strop with Rindleder Leather for Straight Razor Shaving

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Dovo pure cowhide leather hanging strop. A must have for the straight razor shaver to keep the blade edge "shave ready" or for using with strop paste for sharpening. Vegetable-tanned cowhide on one side with fine weave linen on the back has nickel plated hardware. The swivel loop end hangs to a hook placed on the wall, door or any place you can install the strop for use. To use: Place your finger/s into the finger loop at the other end and pull taut. Leather portion is 1 5/8" wide by 11 1/2" long. Total length is 17 3/4". Made in Solingen, Germany

It's a good idea to treat a new leather strop with the strop paste yellow band conditioner. Refer to strop paste in tube or in stick and use of strop for more information.

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Please note: Straight razors and any sharp instruments should be kept away from children and pets and used at the individuals own risk.