Nickel Stylish Brush and Razor Holder

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Stylish nickel plated brush and razor holder. Use this different and distinctive stand to proudly display your brush and razor. See image for measurements - inside dimensions. In the example image, this is the only holder Em could find to hold that unique handle brush.

FAQ: Do I need a stand to hold my shaving brush with bristles facing down between use? I have heard both answers to this question, Yes and No. Hairs that stay wet over time can deteriorate. While it makes sense that a brush will last longer when excess water can drain out, I have also noticed that a well rinsed brush that is shaken of excess moisture does not have dripping or pooling water and is only slightly damp.

A brush should be allowed to dry out between use and not left with water pooling at the bristle's base when standing upright. A brush with the bristles facing down in a holder will provide you with the longest useful life. We feel a stand is especially beneficial for wood and metal handle brushes.