Nickel Functional Brush and Razor Holder

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Nickel razor and brush holder in two brush fork sizes. Display your brush and razor with one of these stands. Insert the brush at the area where the bristles meet the handle - see diagram.

Approx. Specs:

Brush - The stem from the top of the base to the underside of the brush fork is 3 3/16" (81 mm). The outside diameter of the base ring is 2 9/16" (65 mm). Choice of 25mm horseshoe or 31mm circular fork opening.

Razor - The upper razor fork ring is 3/4" (19 mm) inside diameter and upper part of ring is located 2 5/8" (67 mm) from the base of the holder. The lower well/ring is 5/8" inside diameter and the wall is 5/16" (8 mm) inside diameter.

FAQ: Do I need a stand to hold my shaving brush with bristles facing down between use? I have heard both answers to this question, Yes and No. Hairs that stay wet over time can deteriorate. While it makes sense that a brush will last longer when excess water can drain out, I have also noticed that a well rinsed brush that is shaken of excess moisture does not have dripping or pooling water and is only slightly damp.

A brush should be allowed to dry out between use and not left with water pooling at the bristle's base when standing upright. A brush with the bristles facing down in a holder will provide you with the longest useful life. We feel a stand is especially beneficial for wood and metal handle brushes.


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    Much better than the 'other' guys

    Posted by Rehan on Feb 28th 2012

    The 'other' guys who spend too much time on the image, swagger and style of their marketing, forget to actually provide products and selection. How hard is it to put specifications on brush stands online! Em's Shave Place does this and more in spades. Got the package on time in excellent condition. Must say that you (Em's Shave Place) have done a wonderful job on the packaging and presentation. Truly appreciate the effort and it makes you feel like you invested in something of quality. Combine this all with quick phone/email customer service and valuable knowledge-base on the products: I will definitely recommending this place over to the friends and family as a great choice.

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    Razor and Brush Holder Review

    Posted by Nolan Kienitz on Oct 31st 2011

    Holder is working very well for my counter-top space and accessibility.