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 About Shaving Brush Grades

Synthetic bristles come in a faux boar nylon bristle or a faux badger synthetic fiber bristle and are alternatives to natural hair for making lather.

Boar bristles (aka pure bristle, white or sketched) are stronger and thicker than badger hair. These bristles are not as flexible as the badger. When water comes into the boar bristles they are not as elastic as badger hair for whipping up lather.

Standard Badger "dark solids" (aka pure or dark badger) - This kind of hair is the under-hair of the badger. It is not as elastic as tapers for example. But it keeps it's flexibility much better than hog bristles. This hair is dark (nearly black) and has a cylindrical structure. That means each hair is the same thickness at both ends. They are typically machine clipped to shape unless noted otherwise.

Standard Badger "greys" (aka pure or grey badger) - This explanation is used for the hair from the tails and the back of the badger which has nearly the same structure as dark solids although it is from the upper-hair. This hair is more light than dark solids - nearly grey. They are typically machine clipped to shape unless noted otherwise.

Premium Badger "tapers" (aka fine or best badger) - These bristles have the typical sketch on it (light-dark-light). The hair structure is conical. That means that the tips are thinner than at the base of the hairs. This provides a softer feel while in use. Moreover it guarantees better foaming of the shaving soap. This hair is much more expensive because it is more rare than boar and pure badger. These brushes are hand assembled or handmade.

Premium Badger "silver tips" (aka super badger) - These bristles have the same attributes as the tapers above, but are the softest and rarest kind of badger hair. In the winter the bristles can get extremely light tips. These brushes are also hand assembled or handmade and are the most expensive class.

Note: It is important to understand there is no universal grading standard. Natural bristles can vary slightly as to shading and attributes, even within the same category. Natural products will always have slight variations because they are not synthetics, and this is considered a normal part of the product range.