Em's Natural Botanical Bath and Body Soap Bars

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Long lasting botanical soap bars for all skin types. Bars look good and smell great! Gourmet hand cut 3.5+ ounce soap contains saponified (reaction of sodium hydroxide with oils and water to make soap) olive, ooconut, and palm oils, purified water, tocopherol (vit E.) and other ingredients noted in the description as applicable. Approx. 3" x 2" x 1". Please note: colors and texture can vary from monitor to monitor and from the natural ingredients from batch to batch.

Cedarwood and Sage - Enjoy the cedarwood and sage aroma. It's like taking a forest stroll and bringing the outdoors inside. Extra oatmeal and bran make this a very exfoliating soap for cleansing. Contains essential oils, spices, oatmeal, bran and chlorella.

Geranium and Green Clay - Purifying and healing, clays are great for detoxifying skin. Herbal geranium scent and French green clay help cleanse and smooth. Includes essential oils and green clay.

Lavender and Comfrey - Wonderful and purifying soap with powdered comfrey root and essential oils.

Lemongrass - Invigorating zesty lemongrass makes a great purifying skin tonic. Includes essential oils, oatmeal, bran and dried lemongrass to cleanse and smooth your skin.

Peppermint - The fresh aroma and feel of peppermint makes a good energizing way to start the day. Contains essential oils and dried peppermint leaves.

Spice - Purifying and healing. This spicy bar includes clove oil reputed as a beneficial deodorant soap with powdered cinnamon to help exfoliate. 

Tangerine - Upbeat scent of natural citrus includes tangerine essential oil for a cleansing and a zesty experience. Scent is similar to orange.