Horseshoe Fork Tall Razor Stand

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Tall horseshoe fork razor stand. Choose between nickel and gold plated finish. Display your razor proudly with this different and distinctive stand. Can hold double edge and many cartridge razors. Razors

  • Approx. Specs:
    - The overall height - base bottom to top of upper fork is 5 1/4"
    - Razor holder stem is 4 3/4"
    - Upper razor holder fork inside opening is just under 1/2" (12 mm)
    - Base diameter:  2 9/16"

FYI: The razor fork can be slippery for holding certain razors. Therefore, an anti-slip coating on the fork, or inside of the fork, can solve this problem. Em uses a thin layer of E6000 or other metal anti-slip mediums on the inside of the fork and lets it cure. There are mediums on the market that can be experimented with.

A razor with a bulbous section larger than the fork opening (for example this razor) at the top of a razor handle will help when no anti-slip agent is used. In addition, typically this is not a concern with double edge razors since they generally rest on top of the fork.