Boar and Synthetic

Select from a variety of boar and synthetic shaving brushes.

Pure Badger | Best and Silver Tip Badger

  • omega white nylon synthetic shaving brush standing with black and clear handle

    Omega Syntex Black and Clear Handle Shaving Brush

    Omega "Syntex" synthetic nylon bristle shaving brush with black and clear handle. While nylon bristles don't hold water and make as rich of a lather as natural bristles, it is a good entry level place to start for those that prefer a vegan alternative...

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Synthetic bristles come in a faux boar nylon bristle or a faux badger synthetic fiber bristle and are alternatives to natural hair for making lather.

Boar bristles (aka pure bristle, white or sketched) are stronger and thicker than badger hair. These bristles are not as flexible as the badger. When water comes into the boar bristles they are not as elastic as badger hair for whipping up lather.

Note: It is important to understand there is no universal grading standard. Natural bristles can vary slightly as to shading and attributes, even within the same category. Natural products will always have slight variations unless they are synthetics, and this is considered a normal part of the product range.