Toiletries and Soap

Selection of toiletries and grooming supplies including soaps, lotions, creams, after shave splashes and body care items.
Bath & Body Care Accessories


  • pure vegetable glycerin bottles in three sizes

    Pure Vegetable Glycerin

    Pure glycerin is a sweet, syrupy, colorless, water soluble liquid naturally derived from vegetable oils or is a by-product of commercial soap making. (Cold pressed soaps retain natural glycerin.) Soothing skin emollient, lubricant, and humectant which...

    $5.95 - $17.95    mo-gl
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  • Clubman Moustache Wax

    Clubman Moustache Wax

    Clubman moustache wax works great for moustaches, beards, eyebrows, sidebuns and more. Convenient way to color blend or control hairs for a stylish look. To use: apply a small amount of wax to hairs using the included brush. Blend with the comb side to...

    $4.95    mn-mw
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