Badger 21mm Shaving Brush Head Knots

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Badger 21mm shaving brush heads available in "tapers" or "silver tip" grades. *Please read the full details below prior to purchase*

Size and grade available:

A) Best badger/taper knot is approx. 21mm (13/16 inch) by 70mm (2 3/4 inch) long.
B) Silver tip knot is approx. 21mm (13/16 inch) by 72mm (2 13/16 inch) long with super soft tips.

Specs: These Badger heads are hand shaped with natural tips that have not been clipped with the light-dark-light sketch. Natural tips help provide better foaming of the shaving soap. These longer hair knots will feel more dense when set lower in the handle. See more information below.

Please note: Measurements are approximate and various monitors can show colors or shades that my vary slightly from what is pictured for actual product.


What you need to know:

~ The first three images show the hair being purchased with this listing. All the other images are visuals for the information below.

~ Image 4 is how Em measures the knot. Understand that sometimes the area just above the knot is larger than the knot size. This is because epoxy/glue can slightly wick into the hairs above the plug and cause them to swell (image 5). This is why you want to set the head down into the handle a little more than the plug depth, due to wicking that can often be seen slightly above the actual plug itself.

Therefore, it is best to have the knot on hand before drilling the handle’s final hole diameter. That way you can be sure how big the hole should be, and how deep you want to set the knot into the handle. A good rule of thumb is to have the handle's hole diameter about 2mm larger than the head being purchased. This is not a hard rule because each person will want to set the head depth to their own needs and desires.

The deeper the knot is set into the handle, the more dense and more resistance the hairs will feel when in use. This way you can control the springiness of the hairs to suit your personal preference.

~ Image 6 shows how Em measures the height of the head. The total is from the base of the plug to the top bristles.

~ Image 7 is for visuals and ideas only.

~ Epoxy colors may vary slightly from images pictured.


Note: For business, badger bristles or brushes with badger bristles are imported into the United States under an Import/Export permit obtained through the US Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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