Large Ceramic Black Mug

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Large solid black ceramic mug. Sometimes you may want a larger capacity container for holding soap or making lather with large handle. Comes in gift box.

  • Approx. Specs:
    - Bottom inside diameter: 3 1/2"
    - Top outside diameter: 3 7/8"
    - Total height: 3"

This works well for the larger diameter soaps - for example the Trumper hard shaving rounds. When using a deeper mug you can put two soaps inside to provide less depth for brush work. Just be sure to rotate the soap when adding a new one with the oldest on top. If using Em's glycerin rounds here are some tips:

FAQ: How to keep soap from sliding around in an oversized mug/bowl? For our glycerin rounds there are several methods suggested (please note that Em has not tested other brands or kinds of soap with these methods, so be sure to test the microwave method for compatibility first).

A) Having a second one that can be cut/grated and then used to pack down between the soap round and the inside of the bowl. That way it expands the diameter of the soap via this added soap and it works great.

B) You can take the container with soap in it and put in a microwave (if microwave safe like ceramic) and just melt a slick (not the whole thing) until it puddles on the bottom like a melting ice cube. When it dries it will hold things in place.

Why does Em's promote glycerin soap? Our glycerin soap is made using only the finest ingredients and essential oils for a masculine scent and beneficial for skin care. It lathers well and provides a nice shave while rinsing clean. We have had a lot of positive comments on this soap formulated for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Not only is it a good shaving soap, you can bathe and shower with it too!

To use a shaving brush: Moisten area to be shaved with warm water to soften hairs, thoroughly wet brush, shake off some excess water if necessary, rotate and lather the bristle tips over shaving soap (like stirring a cup of coffee, for example) to coat with top part of the brush head with lather, then apply in a back and forth and slightly circular motion to the shaving area - the lather is further created on your face.

It's all about the water - too much and you get bubble water, too little and you get dry film and insufficient lather. Generally speaking, it is not a thick interfering foam like what is found in store brand shaving canisters, but rather a layer that allows the razor to slide along the face without too much foam to get in the way of a close shave. You can control the amount of lather created by how much water remains in the brush, how much soap or cream is applied to the bristles and the scrubbing motion used on the shaving area. Experiment and you will find what works best for you. Soap or Cream? More info... Also visit the FAQ for more information.