Merkur Gunmetal Five Piece Silver Tip Badger Shaving Set

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Merkur five piece gunmetal plated fixed head razor set with "silver tip" bristle brush. Comes with three extra blades and adapters to try out - see informational image. Set comes with razor, "silver tip" shaving brush, bowl, stand and Em's glycerin shaving soap. A fixed head razor uses TracII® compatable blades. Please note that over time the Merkur decal can come off. Comes in gift box.

  • Approximate Brush Specs:
    ~ Total brush length: 5"
    ~ Brush knot: 22mm
    ~ Total razor length: 5"
    ~ Razor weight: 2.35 oz
    ~ Diameter of stand base: 4 1/4"

The brochure about Merkur plastic blade adapters are to turn most fixed razors into an optional blade of choice from the following selections:
- Adaptor A, first picture: Atra compatible two blade swivel cartridge
- Adaptor B, second picture: Sensor blade cartridge
- Adaptor C, third picture: Schick protector blade system


A shaving brush creates lather by using a shaving soap or cream and is warm to the skin as it raises the hair for shaving. In addition, it gently massages the face and improves skin circulation. It is kind, cleansing and mildly exfoliating yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Check out our Reference Desk for more information.