Merkur Satin Black Barber Pole Double Edge Safety Razor

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Merkur black and chrome long handle barber pole safety razor. Turning knob at base of handle releases the screw rod top for blade replacement. Two part razor uses a double edge blade included. Handle design is based on an American barber pole. The traditional alternative to other razor styles. 4" inch total razor length. Weight is approx. 3.95 ounce with regular head. Any double edge razor blade works in any double edge razor.

~ The last image shows how to start with the head on the cheeck as you then angle the handle downward to get the blade to about a 30 degree angle to the face - and start shaving. Smooth and clean. Be sure to rinse the blade of hair during the shaving process.


Example: Two part razors have a long screw release for loading the blade. The screw release dial at the base of the handle is turned to loosen the screw.

Merkur Double Edge Two Part Razor