Dovo Ebony Wood Handle Straight Razor with Spike Point

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Dovo ebony wood handle straight razor with spiked point. Made from high carbon Solingen steel for quality you can trust. The scales are genuine ebony wood to complement this simple design. Ebony wood is a dense, exotic wood. A spike point works great for cleaning up edges and making clean lines. The Ebenholz (German for ebony) sticker on the handle is for wood designation and will come off with use. Made in Solingen, Germany

  • Specs:
    ~ Carbon steel blade
    ~ 5/8" blade width
    ~ Spike point
    ~ Full hollow ground

~ Blade care: Be sure to dry the blade after use. Never leave it wet or enclose in a container damp. Carbon steel rusts, and even stainless steel can pit or rust if kept in the wrong conditions. Pick up some lube or oil for cutlery or sewing machines, for example, and apply lightly as needed or before storage. This simple step will protect your investment for a lifetime of use.

*** A message from DOVO STAHLWAREN: Straight razors leaving our company are always ready for shave, they are honed and stropped and pass the so called ‘Hair Test’ giving evidence of ultimate cutting. *** Note: understand that shave ready does not negate stroping before use as talked about in the FAQ's, so if new to straight razors please do some homework before purchase.  Read more here...

Straight Razors from Dovo in Solingen, Germany are known for their outstanding steel quality and excellence. They are an alternative when you want the ultimate in closeness. This style of shaving is not for the novice, and takes extra care, preparation and time. The advantage is a closeness of shave not typically experienced from other razors, no blade replacement costs, experiencing something different and the enjoyment of the process. When properly cared for a straight razor can last for generations.

Information about straight razors:
~ What you need to know about straight razors
~ Straight razor general use information
~ Strop use and care

Please note: Straight razors and any sharp instruments should be kept away from children and pets and used at the individuals own risk.