Omega Ovangkol Wooden Handle Natural Sketched Boar Shaving Brush ~Seconds~

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Omega boar bristle natural sketch shaving brush with ovangkol wooden handle. Stylish looks while making shaving lather for a close, comfortable shave. Please note wood grain varies slightly from brush to brush. Bristles are in a gold plastic inset. Made in Italy by Omega.

- Sale for seconds- does not affect performance. Very slight surface imperfection upon close inspection.

  • Approximate Specs:
    ~ Knot (diameter where the bristles go into the handle): 23mm
    ~ Total brush height from base to top of bristle tips: 4 1/2"
    ~ Grip area (smallest diameter on the handle): 21mm
    ~ Handle length: 2 5/16"

Brush stand/holders: Can be placed upside down in a 25mm brush fork stand at the grip area for taller stands and at the gold ring area for shorter holders.

A shaving brush creates lather by using a shaving soap or cream and is warm to the skin as it raises the hair for shaving. In addition, it gently massages the face and improves skin circulation. It is kind, cleansing and mildly exfoliating yet gentle enough for sensitive skin. Check out our Reference Desk for more information.

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