Empty White Hard Plastic Soap or Lotion Twist Up Stick Tube

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White hard plastic twist-up tube for making your own DIY shaving soap sticks, hard lotions, lip balm, deodorants and more. If you like using a shaving soap stick, this is a way to make your own. Using Em's glycerin soap, simply take a glycerin round and melt lightly in the microwave, or container in a pan with some water (water bath), until just barely melted. Don't overheat. Pour into container. Let harden for at least a week or more before using, so the soap can cure enough to twist up. One of Em's glycerin soap rounds provides more then enough for one stick.

These containers can also be used to make lotion bars and other DIY body care items, and there are receipes on line for those interested in branching out.

  • Approximate Specs:
    ~ Total height with lid on: 4 3/4"
    ~ Depth of inside with lid off: 2 5/8"
    ~ Inside opening with lid off: 2 1/16 x 1 1/8"
    ~ Soap capacity: 2.75 oz (81.32 ml)

FAQ: Process and how to melt the soap in more detail: There are two main options for melting the soap depending upon what you melt it in.

~ For glass and other microwave safe small containers you can use a microwave oven. Place the round in microwave for +/- 15 second blasts. Each person has different setting as default and can vary. Therefore, it is better to do short spurts and check. When the soap is almost melted, stir and pour when just dissolved. You don't want to over melt to retain quality and aroma.

~For metal and other non-microwave small containers you can place in a shallow pan with a little water and do the double-boil method. Put the container with soap in the other pot with shallow water and melt over medium-low heat. As above, don't over-melt.

The first method is faster and works good as long at the soap is not over done.

Pour into tube and let cure for at least a week, two or more.